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1 Count - Organic Italian Flour "00" Soft Wheat Flour by Molino Grassi - 2.2 lb.

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Molino Grassi's Organic "type 00" Flour is perfect for all your baking needs. Unlike American flour, it contains no GMOs and no pesticides: it is safe for your family and it has a superior taste and aroma. Made from durum wheat, it is popular in Italian cuisine as: cake flour, pizza flour (for amazing pizza dough) and di grano duro (purpose flour).

If you've lived in Italy you will know it as one of the most famous flour types (farina di grano tenero) - used in pizza dough and other baked goods ...

Try it in your favorite Italian recipes: cakes, bread, pizza, fresh pasta and more; or experiment with new creations.

Organic | Star-k Kosher Certified

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