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We came to America as an immigrant from Italy at different times and in different states, but they had two things in common.

The passion for Italian Food and the difficulty to find real Italian products in the regular supermarket.

Still today a lot of first generation Italians in USA “fresh off the Boat" struggle with a lot of Italian sounding products but few authentic Italian staff.

Italian American Cuisine is just different form Italian cuisine. A little more than a century ago our grandfathers came in America and start cooking for Italians and many other immigrants. Trying to make our regional plates more appealing they created the base for the nowadays Italian American cuisine.

Today, in 2022, new generations from all over the world trend to focus back to the origins.

Not only Italians but many Americans want to taste the “real deal" and demand more quality and authenticity in their plates.


We decided to replicate an interrupted Marketplace project and using E-Commerce decided to help their families and all real Italian food lovers to find authentic Italian product in USA.

We selected only reliable sources for their products and even if the Initial offer was limited, they made the point to be sure 100% to have only the best quality from the best source for all the Italian food lovers that joined their community.

Our Mission is to list as many authentic Italian product as possible, available for you and your family to taste.

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The Italian Food Online Stores Team