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Artichokes with Candied Orange by Polli - 10.1 oz

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Our artichokes are so well-selected that we offer them cut in large chunks, for invaluable, unbridled flavour. Their fresh flavour and crunchy and unique texture make them a luxury appetiser, for pleasure-seeking foodies. In this very original recipe, we preserved them with candied orange and bay leaf, for an appetiser with an amazing flavour.

Serve them with crunchy bread, such as chunks of baguette, because these two types of crunchiness go very well together on your taste buds. This Aperitivo Italiano goes very well with refined French goat cheeses, with baked ricotta or all cruditAs.

Crunchy, with a starring taste, will be special accompanied to a drink with a sweet taste and bitter notes, such as Mojito. Mint and sugar enhance the strong and spicy flavor of artichokes for an aperitif with an exotic and unforgettable flavor, like a holiday.

Ingredients: grilled artichokes, sunflower oil, candied orange (orange peel, glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, laurel, sugar, natural orange flavor, wine vinegar (contains sulfites), citric acid, lactic acid. Contains sulfites.

Product of Italy.