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MixyBar Orgeat Orzata Syrup (1 lt) by Fabbri - 35 fl oz

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Orzata is one of those drinks that everyone has tried at least once in their lifetime... and for those who hate to go without, the solution is the 1 litre Economy size! The syrup let's you relive that unmistakable flavour today, for adults, little ones and those who are still in contact with their inner child. And with its aromatic qualities, the syrup becomes an excellent accompaniment to marvellous drinks and sweets!

Fabbri syrups are ideal ingredients to help you make delicious lattes, aperitifs, long drinks, cocktails and highballs, as well as granitas and smoothies, milkshakes and sorbets. An excellent alternative to fresh fruit to spice up an iced tea or to add flavour to a freshly-squeezed orange juice. Enjoy during any time of year.

Gluten Free | Kosher Certified

Ingredients: sugar, water, natural flavors, citric acid. Contains Almond.

Shake before use.

Product of Italy